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Yolanda Celbridge
Memoirs of a Cornish Governess 1994
The Island of Maldona 1996
The women of Maldona are an ancient order devoted to Sapphic love and strict discipline. Unfulfilled by her mundane London existence, their leader, Jana, selects the most nubile and obedient of her slaves and sets out on a quest for adventure. In an ancient castle on a deserted Aegean island, Jana and her dedicatec followers set about recreating their passionate rituals of punishment and reward. But her reign as Supreme Mistress comes under threat from a flagellant girl goddess who calls herself Aphrodite. In the scorching heat of the Med, it is only a matter of time before their rivalry comes to a head in the most physical of battles.
The Governess Abroad 1996
Miss Constance de Comynge is treated by the wealthy Mr Rudiger to a luxurious cruise to Mauritius, via the Mediterranean. At sea, inhibitions and clothes are soon shed, and like-minded friends such as Clothilde, a tall young lady with a penchant for rubber, are made in every port of call. The Governess, Miss Comynge, herself is always open to new experiences, and her exertise in the arts of domination and correction continues to impress and delight those who happily submit to her. But when she and her associates are kidnapped by a band of pirates, will her talents be enough to save them all from a life of bondage and punishment?
The Castle of Maldona 1997
Fate brings Jana and Cassie to the Chateau de Trefouilly where the women submit to becoming the slaves of the charming and affluent Master. Jana and Cassie attempt to work their way up the hierarchy and ingratiate themselves with the Master. What he does not know is that they are planning a revolt.
The Schooling of Stella 1997
When English rose Stella Shawn wins a coveted scholarship to Castle Kernece, Scotland's sternest training college, she plans to fulfil her ambition of becoming a schoolmistress. More than just a college, Kernece is a way of life; a fierce and dominant arena where punishments are frequent and taken 'on the bare'. Only by her own total submission to the rules can Stella learn to dominate.
Private Memoirs of a Kentish Headmistress 1998
Graceful young heiress Miss Abigail Swift founds a new academy to teach Kentish maidens discipline and ladylike manners. She meets the stern, lovely matron, already adept at the art of a young lady's correction; the untamed Walter, longing to become a lady; and the surly beauty Miss Rummer, who keeps the local gentlemen on their toes. Visiting Paris, Abigail learns from the voluptuous Comtesse de Clignancourt that English discipline makes for French pleasure, and triumphs at the masked ball in Dover Castle by introducing her perverse but well-tested methods to royalty.
The Correction of an Essex Maid 1998
Rescued from degradation, young and naive orphan Sophia joins the House of Rodings, a maids' training school deep in the Essex countryside, dedicated to the worship and correction of the naked female rear. She meets a cast of submissive and dominant females, all adoring or envious of Sophia's voluptuous bottom, and thrives in the complex ranks, rules and punishments of the House's heirarchy.
Miss Ratan's Lesson 1998
Thomas Peake joins an Oxford set of female devotees of discipline: dominant Edwina Cheshunt; voluptuous mulatto dancer Lucinda Lalage; and Miss Mann, whose disciplinary academy painfully recreates a Lady's schooldays. Thomas's London delights with his group of enthusiastic submissives are interrupted by a summons to claim his Caribbeab inheritance. Ransomed after enslavement by the fierce Queen Orchid, he makes his plantation a ladies' holiday resort with a difference - always governed by Miss Rattan's rules.
The Discipline of Nurse Riding 1998
When Sloaney Prudence Riding has a sudden fall from grace as her trust fund runs out, she decides to get a job - and what could be more worthy than becoming a nurse? The training at Cloughton Wyke Hydro is rather more severe than she is prepared for, however, involving as it does strict discipline, tight rubber uniforms and an education in the application of bizarre and erotic treatments. Nurse Riding's further instruction in the sophisticated use of medical restraints is interrupted by a hunch that her long-lost twin sister is nearby. Can Prudence ever hope to find her?
The Submission of Stella 1999
Stella Shawn, dominant Headmistress of Kernece College, craves to rediscover the joys of submission. Her friend Morag suggests an instructive leave of absence, and enrols her at High Towers, a finishing school in Devon, whose regime is the total submission of women to women. The strict rules and stern discipline at High Towers ensures that even Stella can learn once more how to submit to the lash.
Sandra's New School 1999
Nude sunbathing and spanking with a lesbian, submissive girlfriend lead hedonistic Sandra Shanks to the rigours of Quirke's school, where adult schoolgirls are taught old-fashioned submission. In a school without males, the dormitory fun is as deliciously naughty as Sandra imagined.
Police Ladies 2000
Deep in the Scottish highlands there exists a curious academy for young women. Restrictive uniforms and the use of truncheons characterize the Glenlassie approach to police training. But the recruits are being siphoned off by a nearby pony-girl training establishment and a unique medical clinic.
Skin Slave 2000
Belle Puget joins the Paine Institute on a remote island where, free of Western taboos, the sadistic Darwinia Paine is trying to unlock the secret of eternal youth whilst whipping her bare-bottomed nurses into servitude.
Peeping at Pamela 2000
When four cheeky girls are recruited to live rent-free in a large house near Cambridge, it doesn't take them long to realise that their benefactor has more in mind than their welfare. Every room in the house is filled with hidden video cameras.
Caged! 2001
Tucked away in the Yorkshire Dales is a women's corrective institution where tight uniforms and catspats are the order of the day, the first often shredded by the second! Angarad Stark and Habren Gaunt are orphaned twins, separated at birth. When they meet again, under the watchful eye of dominatrix Miss Horsfall, it is on opposite sides of the law. Will the girls find out they're sisters? And are the bars and fences to keep the inmates confined, or the locals out?
Soldier Girls 2001
Stripped of her uniform for 'sexual outrage', soldier-nurse Lisa Gallard is forced to endure corporal punishment in the Foreign Legion women's prison. But she is spotted there by dominatrix Dr Crevasse, who engineers her release for her own flagellant purposes. Can Lisa hope to escape her cruel mistress? Or will she in turn learn to wield the cane?
Nurses Enslaved 2001
When European nurses are interned by the Japanese on the remote Pacific island of Okuna during World War Two, they are forced into cruel familiarity with their captors' almost feudal codes of punishment. But soon their submission becomes a matter of pride, forcing the camp's officers to question who's really in control, until only one thing's for sure - no one's in a hurry for the war to end.
Belle Submission 2002
What better location for a finishing school for southern belles than in the fetid heat of Louisiana? Given the errant behaviour of the daughters of the plantation owners and farmers of the Old South, and with an aristocratic French descendant of the Marquis de Sade in charge, flagellation is bound to be on the curriculum. As the canes swish amid the scent of magnolia, it's a sure-fire bet that the men of the South will rise again and again
The Taming of Trudi 2002
Sometimes Trudi Fahr, a 22 year-old nubile from America's West Coast, lies awake at night, awed by her own desire to be punished, humiliated, teased and shamed. To punish her tormentors, and herself too, she wants them to hurt her even more. Sometimes it's the wildest who most want to be tamed. A robust tale of submission and domination by the author of Caged!
The Governess at St.Agatha's 2002
This is period Edwardian erotica, full of flagellation, spanking and bizarre turns of the imagination to surprise even the jaded reader.
Cherri Chastised 2002
Yolanda Celbridge takes her brand of robust pornotopia to the USA once again as nineteen-year-old Cherri discovers her ability to submit to even the most arduous punishments, and to suffer the most extreme indignities until, try as she might, the girl can't live without them. And in the wide-open spaces of America. she doesn't have to worry about what the neighbours will think. A novel of craven submission and lustful hijinx from the author of The Taming of Trudi.
The House of Maldona 2002
The women of Maldona are an ancient order devoted to Sapphic love and strict discipline, and Supreme Mistress Jana rules her world with rod and tawse.
Girl Governess 2003
Strapping Suzette 2003
The fetid heat of French Guyana affords manifold possibilities for the perverted, Suze, a famous English model thinking to get away from it all, finds herself prey to the locals and their arcane, mysterious SM rituals. But the gifted employees of the French space programme have sexual foibles eclipsed in bizarreness only by their own intellects, and make the locals look like rank amateurs in the ways of corporal punishment and kinky sex. Against the forbidding background of the old penal institution that is Devil's Island, Suze realises that if she wanted to find freedom, this is the last place she should have come.
The Training of an English Gentleman 2003
The English Vice 2003
'Godiva, how can you do this?' Beryl wailed. 'Would you rather be birched by the chowner?' 'No... no.' mumbled Beryl. 'By you, only you, Godiva. Birch me raw, if it please you.' Nineteen-year-old Beryl Beaton takes up a place at Trismegist Towers Finishing School. She is soon mixed up haplessly in a bizarre, longstanding boundary dispute with neighbouring Parvex Hall. The discipline at Trismegist runs a gamut from traditional corporal punishment to inhumation in mud, and worse. But Beryl soon finds it is as nothing compared to the flagellant excesses of the sybarites of Parvex.
The Smarting of Selina 2004
Upper-class blonde journo Selina Rawe eagerly infiltrates HMP Auchterhuish, a unique and experimental penal institution, where corporal punishment is part of 'smart training' for wayward girls, along with powerful medical ‘cures' from a gorgeous Somalian nurse. Girl-on-girl sex merits thrashing, as does sneaking smokes and snacks, paid for in kind, by baring up for the rods of the lustful Hebridean mariners. Sapphic governess Miss Gurdell worships the bottom beautiful, and the tastier an inmate's bottom, the more of her attention it receives, and Selina is horrified to learn that her bottom is tastiest of all!
Lacing Lisbeth 2004
Blonde Lisbeth Lache, together with her partner Sabrina Bossi, owns a worldwide chain of hedonistic resort hotels. Lisbeth relishes her role as boss, to Sabrina's secret jealousy. At Sabrina's suggestion, Lisbeth goes to investigate the acquisition of Rum Hole, a secluded, ultra-luxurious pleasure-palace in the Bahamas. Champagne and studs await her, but so does a bizarre hierarchy of man and maidservants, spanking, and hunting and fishing with girls as quarry. Will Lisbeth escape her predicament? And will she want to?
The Confession of an English Slave 2004
Introduced to the joys of bare-bottom discipline by lustful ladies, naval cadet Philip Demesne, posted to the Far East, painfully learns true submission form the voluptuous dominatrix Galena, aboard her private carriage on the Trans-Siberian express.
Licked Clean 2005
Beautiful dominatrix Severe Campaign far exceeds her corporal punishment brief in shaming and enslaving wayward young Luke Redruth. Later, he becomes discipline master at Lick's Girls' school. Yet lustful pupils and staff conspire to have them both sent to a Brazilian plantation where police girls and their rods make 'baked chickens' of them both.
Punished in Pink 2005
During a wild and indulgent holiday in Brazil, sensuous young travellers, Gwen and Fiona, fall into the hands of the Legion of the Pink - an international S&M cult based at the remote ranch of Dom Alves. Here, each girl discovers her repressed fetish for previously forbidden roles - Gwen craves submission, and Fiona becomes an expert dominatrix. Together, they become missionaries for Dom Alves, serving as slaves or dominas for the rich and perverse, before returning to Europe to recruit more girls for the Legion.
Belinda Bares Up 2005
Britain, 1947. Schoolteacher Belinda Beaucul enters a twilight world of spivs, stolen nylons and flagellant parties and soon learns that post-war England is anything but austere. Teaching sultry girls in British Somaliland, meanwhile, requires rule by the cane. But when Belinda's prince enslaves her, she finds it is really her that craves a master's rod.
School for Stingers 2005
At Furrow Weald Finishing School, the motto is Bare Up and Obey. An institution governed by a military regime and rife with girl gangs like the Swanks and the Stingers. New student, Ms Caroline Letchmount, is soon educated in the traditions of pepper panties, and bare-boxing before graduating through a slave auction to a lust-drenched tropical island.
Thai Honey 2006
An erotica escape to Thailand, land of promiscuous girls and ladyboys. Mitch begins to live his fantasy only to be sucked into a vortex of insatiable desire, transvestism, and corruption.? A searing exposure of sado-masochism and shifting identity.
Slave of the Spartans 2006
How does young Ben Fraunce go to Oxford and end up on a Greek Island as the slave of the Society of Spartans, a cult of female domination specializing in the cruel punishment of innocent males by bare-bottom flogging and humiliating cross-dressing.
Sindi in Silk 2007